Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited. is a Third Party Administrator, licensed by IRDA to administer health policies issued by Insurance Companies.

We have been selected by your insurer to provide you with value added services, such as:

A)  Cashless Hospitalization

B)  Expeditious settlement of claim

C) 24x7 help line to answer your policy related queries.

How to avail Cashless Facility?

Step 1: The Rothshield cardholder visits any of networked hospital listed in the guidebook and establishes his/her identity to the hospital by producing the card.

Step 2: The Network Hospital sends request to Rothshield for authorization.

Step 3: Authorization should be after admission, but in case of emergency, authorization can be obtained after admission, within 24hrs of admission.

Step 4: Hospital will not charge the card holder for any expenses except the deductibles like extra bed. phone charges etc (as mentioned in the authorization letter).

Step 5: Before discharge, the card holder should sign the voucher on authorization letter .

Step 6: No original documents should be collected from the hospital by the card holder to facilitate direct payment to hospital. In case one requires he may keep photo copies only.

Step 7: The validity period of authorization is 48hrs from date of admission as mentioned on AL.

Step 8: For the expenses pertaining to Pre- and post Hospitalization. The card holder will have to submit the documents containing Prescriptions, cash memos, investigation report, etc. to Rothshield directly and shall be reimbursed directly.

At Non-Networked Hospital

The card holder will have to intimate to Rothshield within 24 hrs. of hospitalization, through a letter, fax, e-mail at info@rothshield.co.in 

The card holder will have to pay the total expenses directly to the hospital.

The card holder will have to claim for the reimbursement from Rothshield after discharge from hospital.

How to claim : Documents to be enclosed with the claim form are :-

1 : Pre hospitalization documents : Prescription, Chemist Bills and Investigation reports.

2 : Hospitalization documents(original): Discharge Summary, Investigation reports, Hospital Bill, Receipts of payment, original of each heads of hospital bill separately, prescriptions and cash memo, incurred during hospitalization period, both supplied by the hospital and purchased from outside hospital.

3 : Post hospitalization Documents: Prescriptions, Chemist Bills and Investigation reports.

4 : The policyholder will have to deposit the above documents at Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited.


1) Do not take original documents related to treatment from a networked Hospital.

2) When treatment is taken at non-networked hospital, send all documents at one go with duly completed claim form. Do not send them in piece meal.

The policy of insurance covers hospitalization, as per policy terms and conditions of the Policy. For detailed exclusions, please refer to the policy document.


In case sufficient information in the prescribed pre-authorization format is not given or in case of vague symptoms, where medical team of Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited. is not sure of eligibility of coverage under the policy, due to inadequate medical information, pre-authorization for cashless can be denied.

The denial of cashless facility does not mean denial of treatment and does not prevent you from seeking necessary medical attention or hospitalization.



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